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Great, moody beep-boop music from Stratotron

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How I Became a DIYer in 25 Easy Steps (an Exploration of Privilege)

A thread on Twitter started me thinking about what it takes to get good at DIY, so here’s my helpful list of what you too can do to get good at DIY

  1. I just decided to do a project!
  2. for the house I own (ie can modify)
  3. and I have the physical abilities (strength, stamina, co-ordination, mobility etc.) to attempt the project
  4. and I have tools
  5. in the garage I have and
  6. have time to use the tools
  7. i could afford
  8. thanks to the job
  9. i got with my high school
  10. and college education
  11. where I earn enough
  12. in little enough time
  13. to have leisure time
  14. to use the knowledge I got
  15. from watching my Dad
  16. and some tools i inherited from my dad
  17. who had a garage
  18. on the house he owned
  19. thanks to the job he got
  20. with his college education
  21. which he parents could afford
  22. thanks to the job my grandfather had
  23. thanks to his skills in the military in WW2
  24. and the education he got
  25. thanks to the GI Bill

HT to jmz for the reminder about physical capabilities, another privilege I forget every day.

H.R.2382 - USPS Fairness Act

To our elected “representatives”: The United States Post Office is one of the most powerful forces for democracy in our nation, giving rich and poor, native-born and immigrant, people from every social class and structure Equal Access under the law. There are those who, for years, have been seeking to limit the ability of the USPS to do it’s job, because it benefits them to disempower and disenfranchise those who differ in face/class/privilege.

DO NOT stand with those who would destroy one of the most American of institutions.

Support and PASS H.R.2382 - USPS Fairness Act

The inventors of techno are also black americans

Detroit, early 1980s, techno is invented by three friends who happen to be black:

High school friends Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May, known as the Belleville Three, are known as the creators of techno music. Kevin Saunderson is the person who made sure techno music got to the masses by 1983.

The History of Techno Music from Black Music Scholar

Techno came out of Detroit in the 1980’s as underground dance music and subculture. Techno music took technology and made it a black secret.

The three tracks linked on that page would play in any house club today. I’d’ve danced the crap outta these when I was clubbing. HT to for suggesting I google “black inventor techno”.

#blackhistory #musichistory #erasure

(I may or may not be chairdancing to Tranzister right now)

#musichistory #erasure

Steve Ivy

1) in the pandemic world, vote-by-mail is the only truly safe and equitable option

2) Trump has been beating the “vote-by-mail = fraud” hard and loud

3) If the election in November doesn’t go Trump’s way, I’d give >50% odds he won’t concede; America never has a “valid” election again

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Steve Ivy

Listening: Scene on Radio’s “The Land That Never Has Been Yet”, on America’s do-called Democracy

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Steve Ivy

My privileged, suburban zip code in Gilbert, AZ is 12 square miles. I remember when we had 18 cases of #covid19. We’re at 530 now.

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Steve Ivy

“everyone has essentially admitted that the hundred-year history of compulsory school in America was mostly a subsidized childcare effort meant to drive business, employment, consumption, debt, &c.”

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Steve Ivy

Starting another Scene on Radio series: Democracy. Expecting to be educated, and expecting lots of examples of elite whites being horrible. This is NOT “white people being portrayed as shitty” - that’s what we do to non-whites.

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Steve Ivy

Installing iOS 14 beta on my carry phone. sure hope I don’t brick it.

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#WhitePeopleLearning - The Vote

From a thread I posted on Play Viscious, re-posted here for posterity:

  • My wife and I watched part 1 of the PBS documentary “The Vote” last night and I am learning a LOT. Some notes (a thread):
  • If I learned anything about women’s suffrage in school was quickly forgotten, pretty much everything in there was new. I think I knew Susan B. Anthony’s name and Ida B. Wells.
  • I think this documentary started to help me see intersectionality in action some? the fight for the ability to vote included conflicts over who should be granted the franchise first: educated white women, or black men. And black women getting left out either way (it was black men).
  • The fight for voting rights for women was absolutely necessary, but it hurt to see the racist attitudes and decisions coming from the white suffragettes from leadership on down.
  • Frederick Douglass was a huge proponent of women’s suffrage - and he and the black women’s suffrage clubs were pushed out when it seemed like black involvement would set back the cause in the jim crow south.
  • also: white men are bastards

#whitepeoplelearning #votingrights

Steve Ivy

My mood tracker finally started asking about coronavirus and I was kind of like “that’s what I’ve been saying!”

But props to MoodPath - the app has daily questions and prompts to help tease out what’s affecting mood, and it really helps me get past “today I’m MEH” 😐

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I'm begging you, do the right thing

John Gruber responds to a new article in The Guardian that people with even mild coronavirus systems can be having serious brain disorders (for example strokes, encephalomyelitis, and psychotic episodes):

Germany yesterday reported 298 new cases of COVID-19.

The U.S. reported over 55,000. Just yesterday. It is raging out of control here in the United States. It’s that simple. We’ve lost any handle on it we might have had, infections are now raging out of control, and a large segment of the population has decided to pretend it isn’t happening and isn’t a big deal if you do get it.

For those of us who’ve been taking this seriously since March, it’s soul-crushing that this is where we’re at after four months of isolation. It sucks. We who’ve done the right thing are the ones most yearning for — and let’s be honest, most deserving of — a few tastes of normalcy.

I am begging everyone I know - please recognize that it is insane, or worse cruel, to pretend this isn’t happening, or that it’s a plot from people on the other end of a political spectrum to inconvenience you or steal your precious individual liberties… this is hundreds of thousands of friends and families suffering or dead.

Do the right thing — stay home as much as you can, wear a mask and keep your distance when you’re out. You don’t want to get this and you don’t want your family to get it.

#covid19 #uspol

Steve Ivy

Brainstorming in steel

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Steve Ivy

my skills aren’t up to my vision and my vision isn’t up to my heart and my heart isn’t up to the task

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Steve Ivy

Got some 18ga sheet steel, a plasma torch, and an idea

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Steve Ivy

Had a man tell me yesterday that wearing having to wear his mask, which was hot and in which he “couldn’t breathe” was “socialism”.

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Steve Ivy

Wife and I watching Scandinavian Noir mystery series on Acorn

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