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Daily Digest for Friday, Oct 22, 2010

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Steve Ivy

Rereading @etsy’s engineering blog, Code as Craft. So much great stuff. Http://

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Steve Ivy

@monkchips sounds like vmware is starting to get the #devops religion - see @etsy

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Steve Ivy

RT @fraying: The Etsy offices make most art schools look like dentists’ offices.

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Steve Ivy

RT @rands: Think of a good team as a puzzle where the pieces don’t all fit, but every agrees, “Yeah, that’s cool”.

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Steve Ivy

finally getting around to adding Chuck to the NetFlix queue. Think the wife will love it.

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Steve Ivy

@mattgemmell they don’t realize cntl-alt-del used 3 keys so you couldn’t hit it by ACCIDENT? No one will ever bump that tiny button…

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