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Daily Digest for Tuesday, Sep 4, 2012

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Steve Ivy

Can Etsy’d logster run on OS X? I can’t find a logtail package for Mac. #devops #macops #graphite #kickass

~ # 03:12 ~

Steve Ivy

@lusis is there an equivalent to lobsters metricparser in logstash? I don’t have to write anything if I use logster.

~ # 04:52 ~

Steve Ivy

@lusis Yeah. I’ve looked at logstash before and just glazed over. I may give it another look, but the talk of java/elastics search etc…

~ # 05:08 ~

Steve Ivy

@lusis @jordansissel Is this “Grok Debugger” part of the logstash ui?

~ # 05:12 ~

Steve Ivy

I’m finding #logstash pretty opaque, despite the cute mustachio’d lumber.

~ # 13:06 ~

Steve Ivy

For example, says “the inputs are your logs files” then proceeds to tell me how to use stdin as input.

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