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Daily Digest for Wednesday, Apr 29, 2020

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Steve Ivy

Since we’re in #stayhomestaysafe, perfect time to watch the Bourne trilogy

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Steve Ivy

After getting a bit tired of my library’s digital collection of #scifi, I’m branching off into #fantasy for a while, and finding some great series to dive into. I really need to add to my list of “books-read” posts #reading2020

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Steve Ivy

Also on the topic of #fantasy literature: I’ve found that I’m deathly allergic to most Anglo-centric narratives. The moment I see druids, fairies (or worse The Fae or derivative), I pretty much always click “Back” hard.

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Steve Ivy

I would give $$ for a “hide this author” feature in Libby

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Steve Ivy

Two words, people: Bed Suspenders

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Steve Ivy

Daily Digest subscribers: posts should now appear in the email in the order they were written – more narrative style – not in reverse-chronological “blog order” #blogging 💌 😁

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Steve Ivy

In order to fix my archives and daily digests, I might have to address timezone handling on my blog. Or I might just stop blogging #timezonehell #blogging #programming

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