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Daily Digest for Monday, Jun 1, 2020

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Steve Ivy

Taking time to update my list of books read in 2020 (I’m up to May 22)

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Steve Ivy

So far in 2020 I’ve read 30 books. #quarantine #covid19

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Steve Ivy

It’s a Pandemic Monday morning, and beyond all comprehension the US has become even worse over the last week. Trying to stay quiet myself, boost black and POC voices on social media, and otherwise listen.

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Jane Elliot: Please Stand

Our nation is deeply, systematically racist, and no amount of “I’m not like that” changes that. Anti-racism activist Jane Elliott says it perfectly:

“If you, as a white person, would be happy to recieve the same treatment that our black citizens do in this society, please stand.”

“Nobody’s standing here. That says very plainly that you know what’s happening, you know you don’t want it for you, I want to know why you’re so willing to accept it or allow it to happen to others.”

I’m not standing either, and that makes me deeply ashamed.

#uspol #whiteness #racism

Steve Ivy

The white girl in the first car waves and smiles - the two black people in the car following are accosted, their vehicle disabled and broken into, and they’re dragged into the street - by police.

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Steve Ivy
Steve Ivy

”…acting in the name of society should mean you have an audit log for us to inspect.”

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Steve Ivy

What one president can say and not mean, the next will say and mean, and the next will say and do. Sometimes they are the same president. #uspol #authoritarianism

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Steve Ivy

Those who demand individual liberties for themselves, usually only demand individual responsibility for others. #uspol

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