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Steve Ivy

Protests being co-opted by “Mediators” who control them from inside #blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd

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Phoenix has it's own "I can't Breathe" case. The outcome was exactly the same

AZCentral: Phoenix has its own ‘I can’t breathe’ case. The outcome was far different

“Three years ago, Phoenix had its own “I can’t breathe” case. But its outcome has so far been very different than that of George Floyd’s.”

Let’s see, black man doing basically nothing at the time:

“In 2017, Muhammad Abdul Muhaymin Jr. tried to take his dog with him to the bathroom at a city community center in west Phoenix. The police were called, discovered he had a warrant for his arrest, and decided to detain him.”

Sounds the same to me. Maybe the police response was entirely different?

At least four officers got on top of him and held him down. Some put their knees on his neck and head.

Exactly like George Floyd. Perhaps Muyaymin was released without harm?

“I can’t breathe,” Muhaymin is heard saying several times in police body camera footage. When officers eventually got off him, Muhaymin had no pulse, according to comments from officers in the video, and lay in a pool of his own vomit.

With the same unnecessarily violent, incomprehensibly callous response from law enforcement, same tragic outcome for a non-violent black man.

The outcome was exactly the same. The “outcome” that matters is the life or death of this black man. The rest is just wrap up.

Once the headline had to say Phoenix had it’s own ‘I can’t breathe’ case, it was too late. I want to see the headlines saying “Our community has not had a case of police brutality in 5 years”, “…10 years”, “… 50 years”.

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