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Replying to a Mastodon post from the blog

Fedi/Mastodon programmers… with the #MastodonAPI, and given a url to a post on any instance (assuming I have access to the toot from my account), how might I get my instance to fetch it and give me a “local” ID that is suitable for passing as the “inReplyToID” in a toot payload?

Wondering if I need to:

Would that be the “local” ID?

#MastodonAPI #fediverse #programming #blogging #indieweb

#programming #blogging #indieweb #mastodonapi #fediverse

Steve Ivy

In order to fix my archives and daily digests, I might have to address timezone handling on my blog. Or I might just stop blogging #timezonehell #blogging #programming

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Josh Barratt: Effective Technical Diagrams

Sometimes in software design it’s great to develop a visual of the system in question to help in the thinking process.

Josh Barratt is a software architect at Twilio, and blogs about system design at [Serialized.Net](( His recent post Effective Technical Diagrams has some great guidelines for improving the technical diagrams that we use to communicate.

Images convey ideas and structure far more effectively than text. Especially for software systems, they can even help with reasoning about things like capacity, connectivity, reliability, security and performance.

Like any craft, methods of designing visuals that communicate effectively and efficiently can be studied and improved. We have probably all seen diagrams which led to an immediate “aha!” – and others, that after minutes of squinting, led to only more confusion.

I too, adore OmniGraffle, and have made my share of good and bad technical diagrams in my pursuit of a better design. Here’s one I made in the last year, the usefulness of which could be argued both ways:

#programming #architecture #diagramming

Randomized color choices in SASS

For a bit of variety, I decided to figure out how to generate a new front page header background and link colors whenever I rebuilt the blog (new posts, etc). This is still a static site, so no wizzy javascript stuff, I just wanted to do it in SASS.

This is what I came up with.

    $colors-list: (
      // background color, link color
      #DAE076 #AD5C55,
      #A9C9C5 #4A676D,
      #AD5C55 #5E7D68,
      #374768 #718A8A,
    $color-index: random(length($colors-list));
    // Header description box
    $colors: nth($colors-list, $color-index);
    $header-desc-background-color: nth($colors, 1);
    // Link color
    $link-color: nth($colors, 2);

I may rework this as a map (dictionary) later on so I can add other theme-y things, but it was kinda fun to work out for now.

#374768 #718a8a #dae076 #a9c9c5 #themes #programming #ad5c55 #4a676d #5e7d68 #sass #css

Steve Ivy

#welding is like #programming: given time and tools you can make just about anything. #nerdworkshop

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