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Read: Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett

Wow, thanks to Idan Gazit for recommending Robert Jackson Bennett’s #scifi #fantasy novel Foundryside.

Every think programming is magic? IT IS. Ever wonder complain that your code is doing what you said instead of what you meant? BEWARE. Magic and technology, mystical hacking, sentient objects and the ancient and tormented souls that drive them…

You’re going to love it. Thanks Idan.

#reading #reading2020

#scifi #fantasy #reading2020

Steve Ivy

I’m compiling the books I’ve read just since April 9th - I’m up to 12, with 2 in-progress, one of which is Scalzi’s Last Emperox #covid19 #reading

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Steve Ivy

Picked up Foundryside (by Robert Jackson Bennett) from our local digital library thanks to a recommendation by @idangazit #reading #scifi #fantasy

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Steve Ivy

After getting a bit tired of my library’s digital collection of #scifi, I’m branching off into #fantasy for a while, and finding some great series to dive into. I really need to add to my list of “books-read” posts #reading2020

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Klatchian Coffee

“Klatchian coffee has an even bigger sobering effect than an unexpected brown envelope from the tax man. In fact, coffee enthusiasts take the precaution of getting thoroughly drunk before touching the stuff, because Klatchian coffee takes you back through sobriety and, if you’re not careful, out the other side, where the mind of man should not go.”

Men At Arms, Terry Pratchett

#coffee #humor #reading

#coffee #humor #reading

Read: Beacon 23 (#1-5)

Picked up this omnibus edition of Beacon 23 by Hugh Howey (Wool, Sand). Apparently it was original released in serialized form, which would have been really fun to read.

What would life in a space lighthouse be like? Why would you need one? What if there were empathic alien dog/cat/lynx beasts? What if you could get a high from a gravity wave generator?

Read to find out. 😀

#scifi #reading #reading2020

Read: The Deaths of Tao (Tao #2)

Book 2 of the Tao books by Wesley Chu. This series has gotten some guff due to The Lives of Tao being written as a National Novel Writing Month project, and perhaps I was more invested having read the Io books first, but dammit I really like these books.

Also, knowing that there was a third book in the queue, the ending of this one was a big WHAAaaa? (but it was worth it in book 3)

#scifi #reading #quasingwars

#scifi #reading #quasingwars #reading2020

Read: The Lives of Tao (Tao #1)

Having first read the Io books, I finally realized that the Tao books (which I had been skipping in the library list of scifi books for a couple of years, why I do not know) were set 20 years earlier in the same universe and introduced about half the characters.

The Quasing Wars world is really fun to read, and the relationships that Tao and Io have with their hosts are both similar and entirely different.

#quasingwars #reading #scifi

Read: The Rise of Io (Io #1)

Dual protagonists, bodied and unbodied, that will drive you crazy not knowing whether to love them, smack them, or hate them, with stakes both personal and global? What’s not to love? #reading #scifi #reading2020

Ok, and I JUST realized that this is set in the same universe as Chu’s “Lives of Tao” books, which I skipped, but now have to read. I am facepalming SO HARD. 🤦🏻‍♂️

#scifi #reading2020 #reading