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Steve Ivy

When you’ve managed to make it too hot for cacti to survive, you’ve broken the desert. #climatechange #cacti #heatwave

Cacti need to cool down at night or through rain and mist. If that does not happen they sustain internal damage. Plants now suffering from prolonged, excessive heat may take months or years to die, Hernandez said.

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Climate Change in micro

This is a little picture of what #climatechange means: Sitting on my back porch in Arizona this morning at 5:45am, enjoying only the second summer monsoon rain this season. Sipping a coffee in a damp wind, with the temperature at 82ºF (28ºC). 2023-08-08 at 4.28.13 PM.png

I realized that – after nearly a month of temperatures over 110ºF (43ºC), a record-breaking length of time even in Arizona – I had forgotten what 82º felt like. This is not typical, normal, or a cyclic phase.

This is a permanent, ongoing, man-made problem.


Steve Ivy

Been hitting the oldies today, especially this track from Jam & Spoon from 1995: Jam & Spoon’s* Hands On Yello ‎– You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess #trancetechno #music #electronica

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Steve Ivy

Berlin clubs, empty due to community quarantine, are live streaming some great house sets… #techno #streaming #covid19

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Tech was supposed to fix...

Article: “Tech was supposed to fix X”

Narrator: “Tech made X far far worse”

“Tech” practices problem-space-reduction to reach MVP, reducing messy, complex, human situations to linear engineering problems, optimized for what “works in most cases” where “most cases” is bounded by systemic and institutional bias (including systemic racism).

Systemic bias is an inseparable part of organizational culture, the common pattern of thinking that goes with it, and the premises by which all human systems function. Therefore each of us has a systemic bias. However, we may be unaware of its unstated assumptions. compression institute, 2011

Hence, “Tech” makes many things far, far worse.

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Drive To The Ocean sales to support Pathways to Paris

Michael Stipe is selling recordings and videos of his new track, Drive to the Ocean, with much of the proceeds going to Pathway to Paris:

> Pathway to Paris brings together musicians, artists, activists, academics, mayors, and innovators to help raise consciousness surrounding the urgency of climate action and offers solutions to turning the Paris Agreement into action.

Purchased - and would have even if Micheal was putting all the proceeds in his lovely pocket - but I’m really glad to support Pathway to Paris as well.

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Steve Ivy

Spinning the 10 min Jam and Spoon “Excess” track on the soundsystem at @fastly HQ #techno #oldskool #djsivy

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Steve Ivy this is SO rocking me right now. #unitedbreaks #techno

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Steve Ivy

getting my trippy danceradioglobal groove on this morning. #trance #techno #musictoreviewcodeby

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