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Daily Digest for Monday, Jan 27, 2020

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Take... these broken wings... well, clipped

While we are definitely not “live off the land” #farmlife types, my wife and I live on an acre of land in a rural neighborhood tucked in a large swatch of suburbia in metro Phoenix.

Due to circumstances we still don’t entirely understand, we find ourselves now in “possession” of 6 adult chickens, and 8 not-quite-young-adult chickens. The adults quickly learned to fly - well, flap semi-effectively - over the 5’ fences we used to contain them. So on Friday I did some research on how to clip the chicken’s wings to keep them earth-bound, and yesterday my daughter and I spent 15 minutes grabbing chicks one by one from the coop and giving them flight-curbing trim.

The article I ended up using was this one on Instructables, simply titled Clipping Chicken Wings.

> The hardest part about clipping chicken wings is catching the chicken. Some chickens are docile and like being touched, others fear humans and run away like their lives depended on it (which I guess they do sometimes).


Steve Ivy

Are0h is reading N.K. Jemison’s Fifth Season for the first time and I’m kinda jealous I can’t read it for the first time again.

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Steve Ivy