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Daily Digest for Wednesday, Aug 2, 2023

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Steve Ivy

Been wanting to re-focus on the ol’ blog here, and a friend told me about – there’s a local event tomorrow night so going to go hang out and work on some longer posts with a bunch of other writers :) #writing #blogging #community

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Steve Ivy

Anyone got a recommendation for a good RSS reader for Android (like NetNewsWire on iOS)?

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Check your Voter Registration Status

From the Black Voters Matter Fund mailing list (I can’t find a web link for this on the website):

Georgia Voters, Your Voter Status Is At Risk

Hundreds of thousands of Georgians could see their registrations canceled, causing concerns among voting rights advocates. The Georgia Secretary of State plans to remove 191,473 inactive voters, citing outdated lists. While accuracy is essential, this will disenfranchise voters in the process. Protect your right to vote - check your status today at, and stay informed about these changes. Let your voice be heard in Georgia’s elections!

It’s a good reminder for all of us - especially anyone who believes in actual Democracy, justice, and law - that that the GOP’s “best” chance these days is to repeatedly attack our voting rights, most particularly those of oppressed “minorities”.

(“People of the global majority” I saw someone brilliantly describe those we often call “people of color”.)

Steve Ivy

A tiny fediverse wishlist:

  • Quote toots
  • A real DM implementation w/ E2E encryption (black-box, ie. even the host cannot read them)

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