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What I can do: Give

To my shame, it took until the events surrounding George Floyd’s murder for me to really begin attempting to educate myself on “the rest of the story” of America’s history of institutionalized racism and violence. I’m trying to focus on 3 things:

  • LEARN the facts, outside of what was in my history education (“we win war for independence, we win ww2, happily ever after” - at least that’s what I generally walked away with)
  • LISTEN to black writers and voices about their American experience
  • Focus my own small voice on speaking to my fellow white Americans on our complicity in these atrocities and the system they’ve perpetuated.

I have SOOOO far to go. In the meantime, talking to my wife we decided that something we could do was to donate to support these organizations fighting for racial justice:

  • Black Lives Matter Global Network
  • National Bail Out
  • Know Your Rights Camp
  • Black Voters Matter Fund
  • NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
  • The National Police Accountability Project

If you feel like I do, please consider donating - it’s the easiest way to get started - but it’s not enough. We’re going to have to start acting too.

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Steve Ivy

The “American Police” podcast on Throughline was eye-opening #racism #whiteness #policing

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Steve Ivy

“Phoenix has it’s own “I can’t breathe” case. The outcome was exactly the same” – no it wasn’t #racism #policing

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